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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Video Clips On Raya Holidays Among Foreigners At The Twin Tower Park

Hello..everyone.We meet again and this time,let me show you on whats happening at the Pertonas Twin Towers over the Aidil Fitri celebrations here in in the capital city.Its the third day of the celebration and millions are still back in their hometowns.The city was quite deserted and for those especially foreign students and immigrants took to the streets mainly at the Petronas Twin Towers Park.It was like an openhouse for them as they greeted one another.Indonesians,Filipinos and many more nationalities seems to have the park to themselves.Well,i for one felt foreign in my homeland at the time i was there shooting this video and snapping away with lots of photos.However,no unwanted incidents or any fights between them often when two rivals meet.As always,do view the video clip and photo slides attached.

During this celebration the true concept of openhouse will go on for weeks welcoming relatives and friends to their respective homes can be seen across Malaysia.Fine dining let it be traditional or modern awaits anyone to the openhouse and the spirit of forgiving makes it even merrier.Packets of cash could be seen being handed over to children as they lined-up for their turn.This sometimes goes on until late night.

Ok,this is a short post and i really hope you enjoy the video and photos.For me,its another openhouse i have to attend.I`ll be back for more soon.Take care,safe driving always and watch your weight as its an openhouse.Wishing you a HAPPY HARI RAYA 2011.