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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Old Buildings Of Kuala Lumpur.Part 2.Chinatown.

The Historical Sultan Abdul Samad Building 
Part Of The Sultan Abdul Samad Building
Hi there..In this Part 2 of Old Buildings Of Kuala Lumpur,i roamed further in the streets to shoot more photos along Malaysia`s popular Chinatown.When i finally got there,i would have shot more than fifty old architectural buildings that surrounds this all time shopping haven among Malaysians and tourists,right in the heart of the city.Please view at some of the photos posted in this blog.One is highly recommended to walk along this street when visiting Kuala Lumpur as more and more pre-war architectures can be spotted.Some of them are just so wonderful to look at as they are still in good condition with its premises turned into restaurants,shops and even banks.What i like most,is the petty traders along the five foot way lined up the old structures as i walked.You can hear voices from the petty traders telling their products out loud to whoever passes the five foot way.

More Old Architectures
The Historical Jamek Mosque
The Central Market Building Since 1888
More Old Architecture
Old Architecture Courthouse Building
One should not worry as there are plenty of food stalls along the streets and they are quite cheap too.What i noticed is,there are lots of noodle food stalls and you can see in action how your order is being prepared.It seems,they are really a professional when preparing the noodles.One can even,catch several meat balls thrown high up in the air with just a small glass bowl using one hand.Not to worry,if you really want to see him in action,i`ll be back to his stall to video shoot.

Old Architectures Along The Petaling Street
Well,it was really worth the walk and love the old architectures.Not many people would appreciate old heritage especially buildings.For those who do,i`ll posts more photos and videos from time to time.In the meantime,i hope you`ve enjoyed this posts and do view more photos below.Please leave a comment so as to correct my mistakes and to enhance this page.THANKS to all of you visiting this page and we`ll meet soon again.Take Care.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kuala Lumpur Historical Railway Station.Malaysia`s Begining..

The Historical KTM Building
HELLO and WELCOME to this humble blog.Thanks to all followers and readers for your comments and the encouragement for me to move on and posting more.This post is all about  one of Malaysia`s tourism icon,The Old and Historical Railway Station.This magnificent structure stood the test of time of the first and second world war.This beautiful structure also went through the Japanese occupation in Malaya in the 40s.
Old Photo Of The Railway Station
It was finally built in 1892 and saw the birth of Malaysia before the independence.Millions have travelled through the station connecting those in the outer states of Kuala Lumpur.The station became a strategic and welknown meeting point for those who arrived to the city looking for greener pastures.Even the olden day movies were filmed at the station and for some,it is still shown on air today as a tribute.For some,the station has given an impact on their lives and memories.Ok,lets findout alittle bit more on the station.

Officially known as,Kuala Lompur Station,this Moorish Northern Indian architecture was designed by architect A.B Hubback; in 1886.Mr Hubback had previously served the British administration in India before being transferred to Kuala Lumpur.Its unique features with several large domes,makes it one of the most photographed railway station in the world.It was extended in 1907 for more additional office space.In 1986,more extension were done but of course without effecting the original design.Now,its a tourist attraction and also one of Malaysia`s tourism icons.In the opposite building is the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad`s(KTMB) office that runs the station and all of its train services in the country.Please view the video attached as i hurriedly took a shot as photographs and video shots are not allowed in the station.Note that,the video is in Malaysian language.It simply shows alittle bit on the inside of the station.
The Old Railway Station
Old Railway Station Kuala Lumpur
The Kuala Lumpur Historical Railway Station

The Railway Station Main Entrance
The Main Entrance
Along The Main Entrance To The Station
The Walkway Along The Station.
Lastly,i urge everybody to view this beautiful architecture when in Malaysia.For Malaysians outside the capital,do contact me if you would like to have a visit free of charge and be featured in this blog.Again THANKS for reading and be back for more.Please leave your comments as well..Take care.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Spooky Island Tour.Part 2.We Saw `It`.

Relaxing By The Beach On An Island
Fishing Boats By The Jetty
Wooden Chalets On Stilts
Scene At The Jetty
Hi..guyzz.Sorry it took awhile for the continuation on this spooky tour to conclude.Offhand,THANKS for visiting this humble blog and like the title says,lets proceed.As we walked back to our respective chalets in the dimly lit pathway,i couldnt help noticing a huge tree which was just a few metres ahead of us.Earlier on,a staff at the resort had told me that there were many supernatural occurrences there and that the tree has something to do with it.As we walked closely together the group was getting smaller as some had reached their chalets.A couple of minutes later it was almost a complete silence as the sounds of the waves from the sea,could not be heard anymore.It was my turn next but as the leader of the group,i have to follow the rest back to their chalets and to make sure they are safely in their chalets.Soon there were four of us left including my assistant.We passed the huge tree safely and as we were about to reach the last chalet i slowed down my walking pace as i got a feeling that there`s someone or something is walking behind us four.I can tell this because the dead leaves on the ground was cracking as if somebody or something had stepped on it even when all four of us almost stopped walking.'' what was that '', said one of us.

All of us started looking in all directions and at the same time widen our walking pace towards the last chalet which was just a few meters away.At that point and time,my feelings wasnt that good anymore as the two of us had to double back to our chalet.We bid goodnight to the couple who looks pale in the face after the ordeal.As mentioned earlier,the dimly lit pathway was my main concern on my back to the chalet as its difficult to see clearly if there were something really out there.As my assistant and me were just several steps on the way back,all things broke loose...A scream suddenly exploded in the quietness of the night on this little island.We both ran towards where the scream was coming from and true enough, its from one of the group members dashing out of her chalet with no slippers on with two of her friends following close behind.I just couldnt make out what she was saying in the first place.She was pointing to the chalet saying there`s an old lady in the bathroom squatting on the floor.My hairs rose immediately on hearing what she just said.

Penang Island
Her two friends an myself consoled her for several minutes while my assistant quickly ran into the chalet to inspect.About two minutes later,more people came and this time there were more man around to inspect the chalet.Nothing was found in the bathroom,but there was this peculiar smell lingering in the bathroom.Want to know what the smell is like ? Rotten fish or flash.The three ladies have had enough and decided to gather their things an squat with the others for the night.For your information guyzz,the second night was even worse.After a heavy seafood dinner we adjourned to the karaoke section which was in the open and right at the very end of the resort.We were just having a good time since its our last night on the island.We sang until about 1 am and with my last karaoke song Careless Whisper,it was time to be back at our chalets to call it a night.For some who had stayed with us until the session ends,we all saw what we saw.

Susu Dara Island
Out of no where we noticed a lady sweeping the floor at the resort`s toilet which was about ten meters from us.Some of us were wondering why is she sweeping very late in the night.Several of us were even trying to get a closer look to identify who she is.Want to know more? She was sweeping at the same spot for several minutes and not facing us.An elderly guy in the group called to her even.She just kept on sweeping.The elderly man suddenly told us to be quiet and this is what he did.He took a spot,bowed down and looked in between his legs towards the lady.He looked up and straightened himself and said,'' lets get out of here '',coz her legs and broom was not touching the floor.On hearing this,we started moving out of the open karaoke section.What we saw in a few seconds after was shocking.The lady suddenly flew up in the air and exposed her looks  while loudly laughing at us.Its not an ordinary laugh,if you know what i mean.All of us who were there saw it.She`s old with white hairs,darkened eyes and with a white sort of robe around her.She flew right to the sea with a rotten smell lingering at the karaoke section.Its an orefull smell guyzz.The next morning we told the resort staff and what some of us saw was actually the old midwife lady who made the island her home.They even told us that its not advisable to bring children under the age of three to the island.Ok guyzz..thats about it this time.Will be back for more of my experiences while touring.THANKS again take care,LOVE YOU ALL.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Spooky Island Tour.Part 1.

Pangkor Islan

Hi...there friends and followers to my humble blog.Wishing you A HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2011.To begin with,i`m posting this spooky tale for a blogger friend as she had given me the idea to do so.I`ve been wanting to tell my spooky tour adventures for quite some time and believe me,i`ve experienced it no less than four times in my years of touring the country with tour groups or just visiting resorts on the mainland or islands.Sorry..i am not able to be precise on the location,resort name or even mention the names of those who were present during the encounter.If i receive good supportive comments,i`ll proceed on my second spooky tale soon.Agreed??

Ready..? It all started when this group wanted to experience an island holiday with a theme called,`castaway` and they really wanted it to be really isolated.I showed them the island video clip and gave them the best quotation for a 3/2 nights stay.The paymaster quickly agreed and soon we were on our way on a tour coach heading...a`ah,as agreed ya,no spilling the beans.Ha..ha..ha..It was very early morning and some had doze off after a heavy breakfast at the bus pick up point.

Resort Chalets
Monkey Bay Pangkor Island
Tioman Island 
A Jetty To An Island
Chalets On The Island
Walkway Along The Jungl 
For your records,there were 3 private cars trailing the bus as well for the bosses in that group.We soon reached the jetty point and before you know it,we`re on this big fishing boat that was converted into a ferry boat.I`m sure they add an extra lorry engine to it.As we`turboed`away on calm seas,i saw the excitement on their faces and yes,i was as well.

Cameras were clicking away in full gear from the group as we approached this beautiful and fantastic holiday island,not knowing whats instore for me and those who saw it.A brief history of  the so called,`it`.The island is fairly small with just one resort.Towards the back of the fully air conditioned chalets,are thick jungles and a trekking path that leads to the other side of the island.Mind you,even the resort staffs dare not wonder onto the trekking path on their own even in daylight.As history goes,it is said that over a hundred years ago,an old traditional midwife from a village on the mainland was brutally forced out of her home when she failed to deliver a neighbors baby.The baby died and the village folks suspected the old lady had cast some evil spell on the baby.The old lady narrowly escaped death from her burnt home and escaped to sea with a small wooden raft.Note this,the old lady was 85 years of age at that point of time a hundred years ago.She is believed to seek refuge on the island till today.Oh yes,the island was uninhabited at that time and the old lady was presumed dead by the villagers as the wooden raft was found several months later.
Tour Guests Along The Jungle Trail

Ok,back to the present..We enjoyed our first sunset at the island and soon enough we had our dinner by the beach and we sang and laughed all the way over a small lit campfire.I could see most in the group were really exhausted from our swimming,snorkeling,beach volleyball and some opted for kayaking.Yes,thats only the first day.The question is now,who`s going to make the first move back to the chalets which was quite a distance right at the back of the resort? The pathway to the resort was dimly lit and worse of all,several chalets were considered last in the rows of chalets which had no fencing.It simply means,those rows of last chalets is already onto the jungle trekking path.Remember about the jungle trekking path?My assistant and me,we were positioned right in the middle as i had wanted it that way for easy access both ways in case of any emergency from any of the chalets.oh yaaaa..i forgot to tell you...NO mobile phones works there on the island.The group wanted an island completely isolated right? Well there you are...not only no communications with the outside world,you dont even have communications to the lobby.I`m not worried.After so long in the business,i have with me something which is 120 times louder than a mobile phone.

Stage Line Megaphone Loudhailer TM-27 25w 170980
My Loud Hailer
Pulau Redang
This Is Definitely Not The Island
Penang Beaches
No This Is Not The Island
Ok guyzz..1000 apologies.Since this is part one,i have to pause and would return for the conclusion on what i saw that night as well as several others who saw IT.I`m having the shivers behind my neck now.Take care,love you all and have a peep here soon.THANKS.