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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.The Japanese HQ And The Residence Of A Mining Tycoon.

The Malaysia Tourism Centre,Jalan Ampang
Hello there,friends and followers to this humble blog.Hope you`re doing well and in the best of health always.This time around my post will be on a lighter note for everyone.As usual,photos and video clips to view and make yourself at home in Malaysia as we practice an openhouse concept for our visitors
Yes,let me take you to this beautiful architecture and a historical site located along Jalan Ampang.Its Malaysia`s gateway of tons of information on the interesting places for you to visit when in the country.The Malaysia Tourism Centre with its beautifully landscaped surrounding is located right in the heart of the capital city.Although many would just ply along the route and took no notice of it,the architecture and its green surroundings is a sight one should learn and appreciate.
The Malaysia Tourism Centre,Jalan Ampang
The Malaysia Tourism Centre
The Courtyard Right In front Of The Main Building
Built in 1935,the main building served as the residence of a wealthy mining and rubber estate tycoon Eu Tong Seng.Typically colonial in architecture,it reflects the era during it was built.Its also the headquarters for the Japanese occupation during the second world war.Lets have a glance through the video clip and see for yourself.Watch the second clip for more details on the services available within the centre.

Handicraft Centre
Handicraft Products At The Centre
Handicraft Products At The Centre
Handicraft Products At The Centre
Handicraft Products At The Centre
The Cocoa Boutique
Thats about it guyz..i hope you enjoyed it and i`ll be back with more soon.THANKS alot for viewing and do enjoy some of the photos i manage to snap away..
Colonial Architecture At The Centre
Colonial Architecture At The Centr
Modern And Colonial Architecture
The Courtyard Overlooking The City
Colonial Architecture At The Centre
The Saloma Bistro Within The Compound Of the Centre

Monday, November 22, 2010

Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.Nightfall Part 3.

The Sungai Wang Plaza
Hi...guyz,Thanks for visiting my humble blog.In this Part 3 of Nightfall in The Streets Of Kuala Lumpur,i`ll be taking you to the ever popular shopping and entertainment streets of Bukit Bintang.The street started in the early 60s and saw its modern development by mid 70s.The street is also part of my growing up years as a student.I can still remember,we would loiter around just to window shop when a shopping complex opened its doors to the public at that moment in time.

A Street Performance By The Bintang Walk
Later on,came the Bukit Bintang Plaza.The piece of land boomed as the city grew with more attractions along the years.True enough,with highrise commercial buildings and international brand hotels,Bukit Bintang Street remains to be,"a must" for shopping,dining and entertainment.It has transformed the city into a tourism hub and not forgetting Malaysians from all over the states.One can buy almost anything here from local made to foreign leading brands.With the opening of the Low Yatt Plaza,one can shop for the latest hi-tech gizmos such as,handphones,computers,audio and visual equipments and replacement parts for those gadgets mentioned.You name it,they have it.Price tag ? Dont worry,bargaining is allowed to suit one`s gizmo craze.

The Lot 10 Shopping Mall
The lot 10 Shopping Mall
There are over 5 shopping malls to choose from.All of them are within walking distance along the street called,Bintang Walk.Along the walk,comes street musicians,painters,magicians and sometimes street daredevils performing stunts at breakneck fall.After watching the street performers,one can always grab a cuppa at this little cafes along the walk.Plenty to choose from,local and foreign menus.If you like the city lights just like me,go ahead and snap away.They are a pretty sight for your memories back home.

The Bintang Walk Along The Streets Of Bukit Bintang
No, i`will not make you frustrated.I know you want to watch the video clip.lets watch it and enjoy.

I enjoyed being around the streets of Bukit Bintang and its sidewalk and at times,i would just laze away watching people moving about their routine lives at one of the cafes together with friends.Its a spot where you get to see people with the latest trend and not forgetting,the very latest in hi-tech gizmos and  ofcourse the latest make and models on four wheels,i only dreamed of.Oh ya,the fancy four wheels also comes with pretty babes next to the driver which i try not to miss watching.Ha..ha..ha..Ok,my friends and followers to this humble blog,THANKS for viewing,do try and visit this place and if you need a guide,contact me and i`ll take you there.Be back with more posts soon,TAKE CARE.

The Streets Of Bukit Bintang
A view From The Streets Of Bukit Bintang
An Entertainment Outlet Along The Streets Of Bukit Bintang
The Bukit Bintang Walk
The Streets Of Bukit Bintang

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.Nightfall Part 2.

Buildings Surrounding The Park
Buildings Surrounding The Park
Hi...we meet again in this humble blog and how`s it been to all my friends and followers? In this part 2 of The Streets Of Kuala lumpur,lets have a look at the city when night falls.This is just a short post with a video clip on a public park just next to the tower.The video clip was shot at night showing a water display watched by KL residents on a public day off.The park seems to be crowded on every public holidays not only to the locals but to the immigrants as well.

Residents Of Kuala Lumpur At The Par

The park is surrounded with highrise buidings and certainly an eye catcher at night with lightings being lit up.Here,one can see foreign tourists from around the world strolling about and snapping photos while enjoying the fresh air.
What also caught my attention is the commercial buildings around the tower.Its definitely,the city of lights,when night falls.
Ok, guys..thats about it this time.Be back with more of,The Streets Of Kuala Lumpur soon.THANKS for viewing LOVE you all,TAKE CARE.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.Nightfall Part 1..

Skyscrapers In And Around Kuala Lumpur`s Nightfall
Hello there..we meet again.First and foremost,i would like to say THANKS to all the readers and followers to this HUMBLE blog.In this posts,have a peak at the city`s skyline when night falls.Its truly beautiful and breathtaking when most of the commercial skyscrapers displays their might and beauty.I was in and around the Petronas Twin Towers yesterday for a video shoot and this is what i captured on video.Have a look at it as you go along on this posts.
A Financial Institution Building
It was a weekend when i took the shots and certainly the lights display was a crowd puller particularly to those coming from the outskirts of the city.It was drizzling alittle bit but that did not dampened the crowds at all as they were there much earlier.
The Petronas Twin Towers
Please note that this video clip is in Malaysian language.Its actually for my other blog readers and followers who loves to read them in our language.

Lets have a look at more night shots in and around the city.Please write a comment before leaving this page so that i can improve more on blogging.Like i did mentioned earlier,i`m not a professional blogger,nor do i am a writer.
The Kuala Lumpur Tower
Commercial Buildings
The Petronas Twin Towers
Hope you`ve enjoyed this simple posts and there`s going to be more of nightfall shots and videos coming up soon.Once again THANKS for visiting this page.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.The Stone Jungle.

Kuala Lumpur`s Stone Jungle
Hello there..friends and visitors to this HUMBLE blog.This is a short posts where i would like to take you for a glimpse of  Kuala Lumpur`s beautiful,Stone Jungle.What i like most is,the city`s heritage architecture that blends in with the modern commercial buildings.Have a look at some of the photos taken several days a
The Telecom Tower
I would like to also inform visitors to this blog to possibly leave a comment and tell me what would you like to see or know about Malaysia.By doing so,i can improve my postings as we go along.On my next posts,i`ll be showing you night video shots on The Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.

Old And Modern Structure
Old And Modern Structure
The Jamek Mosque
The Sultan Abdul Samad Heritage Building
More Older Buildings
More Older Building
More Modern Buildings
Be back with more posts soon and THANKS for viewing.