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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.The Stone Jungle.

Kuala Lumpur`s Stone Jungle
Hello there..friends and visitors to this HUMBLE blog.This is a short posts where i would like to take you for a glimpse of  Kuala Lumpur`s beautiful,Stone Jungle.What i like most is,the city`s heritage architecture that blends in with the modern commercial buildings.Have a look at some of the photos taken several days a
The Telecom Tower
I would like to also inform visitors to this blog to possibly leave a comment and tell me what would you like to see or know about Malaysia.By doing so,i can improve my postings as we go along.On my next posts,i`ll be showing you night video shots on The Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.

Old And Modern Structure
Old And Modern Structure
The Jamek Mosque
The Sultan Abdul Samad Heritage Building
More Older Buildings
More Older Building
More Modern Buildings
Be back with more posts soon and THANKS for viewing.


  1. nice picture as well as your written.. :) saya minat tgk blog byk gambar.. n mind if following me? sy just tulis on day to day living & interest sya ja.. tq..



  2. I had been to KL but I haven't really seen all of those structures that you posted. I love them all and hopefully I can find them in my next visit there;)


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