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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heavy Haze Hits Kuala Lumpur 2012

Heavy Haze Hits Kuala Lumpur
Helloooo there friends and followers to this blogbuster blog.Miss me hah? Haha...just thought i would keep the doctors away from all of you with a laugh.Ok,lets get down to business.Yes,it happens again this year and as previous years,i braved myself to shoot this video clip just for you.Frankly let me tell you this,the haze has been a regular occurrence for many many years in Malaysia.When it comes,its really a pain in the eyes,throat,nose and breathing gadgets in the body.Not forgetting a big pain in thComposee you know where for those having daily activities in the wide open just like me.

However,some just couldnt be bothered as they went on in the open and worse still with little children along their side.Mind you,a word of caution and several warnings were announced through the mass media.The Air Pollution Index or API,did mention that the haze was at hazardous level a couple of times.I took the opportunity just to mingle with the crowds in the open to bring you a brief look at the situation.Lastly,i hope you will enjoy the video.Looking to be back soon for the next blogbuster posts.Take care and love you all

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Night Drive Ghosts Searching.The Plus Highway.

One Of The Stretches Along The Highway
Helloooo...there friends and followers to this humble link.It has been a while since we last met.I`m back by popular demand with a SPOOKY tale,a SPOOKY audio and a SPOOKY visual.Note that,there was nothing wrong with my video camera nor do i have anything to do with any sort of fancy editing.I mean,how could it be,i`m NO it whizz or guru.

It all began one night when a relation of mine who as well having the same interests,just wanted to cruise the Plus Highway heading South.One of our similar interests was of course,the paranormal activities that has been the talk of thousands of drivers along this notorious and ghostly stretches.Just for your info,there are  five well known ghosts in the country which terrorizes the faint hearted starting from their homes and on to the highways.That includes,tunnels,rest and relax areas along the highways and even the toll booths.

Lately the Mother Of All Ghosts surfaces and seems to be more friendly in getting acquainted with drivers in the wee hours.This cleverly disguised lady ghosts seems daring enough to even magically appear in the back seat of unsuspecting road users.Yes,it may seems they are hitching a ride but,their true appearance may shock you for life.How they make themselves appear is again another thing to consider.First,you may pick up that soothing scent that seeps through your airconditioning system and kpooow...! You`re already in their control as you drive on.Yes,this scent may reminds you of your imported perfumes.No,no,its not Gucci,Dunhill,Cool Water,Dkny,Aqua,Davidoff,Polo or any of that sort,its that feeling of being in a flower garden with the smell of soft flowery eau de toilet.Probably the 100ml size.Hahahahaha..

This mother of all ghosts will only let you go,once they show their horrible looks at you and at the same time the sweet soft smell turns to rotten flesh scent that sticks in your car for weeks.Worse still,they may even giggle,laugh with a horrible and terrifying sound.Ok,lets get back to that night of ghosts hunting.We didnt find any except feeling a little bit of goose bumps here and there along the stretches.However,i got a shock as my video camera recorded my voice in a ghostly way while video taping.It has never happened before.Ok guys...time to go and it was fun meeting you again here.Meeting you again with more posts as soon as possible.Take care and enjoy the video.