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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Watch The Mystical Powers Of The Bubu Dance On Video From Bagan Datoh,Perak.

Starting Of The Bubu Dance
Hi there friends and followers of this humble blog.I have something  MYSTICAL and SPECIAL for you this time caught on video.Now,offhand,you might not believe what i`m going to tell you.But,as always,i`ve prepared the video for your viewing and seeing is believing.Frankly,it took me quite sometime to decide whether or not to publish this video clip.The reason,being mainly beliefs and non believers,supernatural powers,religious beliefs and worse of all,i may be ridiculed.However i went through it,saw it and felt it.

It all started with this lovely and welcoming homestay Kampung Hj Mohammad Bagan Datoh,Perak.Bagan Datoh is also known to be the country`s biggest coconut producer.Before reaching Bagan Datoh,Earlier we had lunch in the nearby town of Teluk Intan which was just opposite the iconic leaning tower known as Menara Condong among the locals.

Soon after,we were at the homestay with our foster parents and it was a sight of beauty surrounding the village.Peaceful,calm very green with mild wind blowing in our faces.Not forgetting the sound of water flowing in the nearby river.All of us in the group were entertained with sumptuous food,music,traditional dances and speeches,including the mystical Bubu Dance.The performance was done in an open air compound.The live music and occasionally bursts of laughter went on and on as the crowd got larger.All of us were waiting for the moment to get a glimpse of the Bubu Dance.

The Bubu Dance is actually a traditional dance said to be from the Middle East.Some even say its from our neighboring country Indonesia.Bubu is actually a method of fishing in the olden days but,could still be found in the rural areas when it comes to fishing techniques.It is made of bamboo and cage like.In order to get a good catch in the olden days,fisherman will perform a ritual dance to woo the sea spirits for a hefty catch
A Grand Welcome From The Homestay Committee
Soon the moment came and i was briefed by the the ritual dance leader on certain do`s and dont while the dance is being performed.Its really scary to see the bamboo Bubu being dressed up to make it look like an entity.It really is.....The music started playing with a slow tempo and the dance leader resited some mantera or mumbo jumbo over the doll like Bubu.True enough the Bubu doll started to lunge upwards with a sudden gust of power.We were just holding the Bubu softly and soon enough it got stronger and stronger forcing itself up and down as if it wanted to fly away.Imagine a bird being released from the palm of your hands.Thats how the feeling was.Some guests were invited to join in the dance to get the feel of its power flying up and down.My question was,where did the power come from?Do watch the video carefully.All of us were just holding tight to the Bubu.As the music got faster,the Bubu seems to move up and down at a faster speed.Its like the Bubu is alive and wanting to escape.

Tour Group Trying Out Net And Bubu Fishing
The Entrance To The Bagan Datoh Homestay
The Leaning Tower In Teluk Intan.
We were moving in circles soon enough and the leader resited some spell and things sort of died down slowly.The Bubu was calmed down by the dance leader and the dance went to a halt.There was a moment of silence among the audience and things got back to normal and calm.It is said that,on several occasions the entity like Bubu wouldnt rest and started to follow some of the audience home.Hmmmm....how about that?Well...for sure there`s plenty of fish to eat if that happens.But,what happens if the Bubu eats you like a fish?

Ok friends and followers...THANKS for reading.I hope you`ve enjoyed this post and will be back soon for more.Please leave a comment after reading as i need your input. on this spooky Bubu mania.Bye and take care.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kuala Lumpur`s Beautiful Sunset Valley On Video 2011.

The Sunset Valley
Hello and welcome to this humble blog.It has been quite sometime since my last update.Have been terribly stuck with work and lots of moving about within the city.Not forgetting personal invitations pertaining to travel.However,i have something to share with all of you readers out there what more several friends over a social media network specifically requested for a video clip showing the beautiful sunset over the Sunset Valley in Kuala Lumpur.I have posted quite a number of photos prior to their requests and soon enough,got their requests to shoot a video on the valley.

Just a little bit on the valley,its called,The Klang Valley which sits across the Titiwangsa Range.It is my favorite spot to watch beautiful sunsets almost daily.Being a nature enthusiasts since childhood,i will no doubt make it a must see,each time i got back from my daily chores.Besides that,its just several meters away from where i live.Of course i have to climb up several floors to get the best view.In the video clip,you can see that the valley is surrounded by slopes and hills in the distance coupled with wide open plains of developments mostly housing estates.Ok,tell you what...lets just watch the clip.Dont forget the photos as well,just click the play button.

Lastly,i hope you have enjoyed the video and photos.Do leave a comment and THANK YOU. so much for visiting this link.If ever you `re in Kuala Lumpur and need a friend to guide you around,please contact me a day or two earlier.