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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Wheeler International Motor Show 2012.The Stunt Video.

Motorcycle Stunts At The Show
Hello dear readers,if there`s any.Just to let you know,probably this is my last post entry due to poor response and too little followers.Guess my blogging days are over ha? Anyways...lets enjoy this post and as usual take a peek at the videos and photos attached.I was at the Two Wheel International Motor Show And Conference recently held at the Putra World Trade center,Kuala Lumpur.As i`m a motocycle freak,i was there two days in a row.

Lots of happenings at the show with major brands and makes filled the exhibition hall whereas,tons of crowds seems to feast their eyes with bikes display and death defying stunts.Watching the stunts up close,i noticed the crowds with their mouth opened in disbelief, trying to figure out how the spine breaking if not,its the graveyard invitation is done.The so called graveyard daredevils attracted me like glue.I shook the daredevils hand afterwards and told him that i would like to learn the spine breaking stunts from him.He said `sure`.Guess what guys...I had a dream that night performing the same graveyard stunts and was applauded by you guys out there.Thanks guys,i love you so much.Ok,lets watch the videos and photos.Take care guys/

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.Old Architectures 3.Watch The Video Clip

The 18th Century Jamek Mosque
Hi....Buenos diaz senyora and senyorita.Just thought i`d practice my French,haha.This time aroud and due to overwhelming responses and hardly any comments on my posts,i roamed The Streets of Kuala Lumpur again.Its all about the old buildings and colonial architectures in the city that brought Kuala Lumpur to where it is now.Scouting the city can be really fun especially with tons of smiling faces everywhere you turn.What more if you`re having a camera in your hands.I took some time out taking the commuter train which was the fastest way to travel on this modern contraption within the city.As usual,followers and visitors to this humble blog,i`ve attached photos and videos for your viewing pleasure.I really hope you enjoy them as much as you love coming back here for more.Dont you? Come on...be honest,you love my blog right? Hahahaha.Ok,got to go now and shoot more videos before tons of comments comes in.Ohhh...please leave me your comments.Please,please.Take care,merci,astalavista and viva for now.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Acrobatic Lion Dance Chap Goh Meh At The Central Market.Watch The Video Clip

The Acrobatic Lion Dance.
Buenos Diaz senyor and senyorita.Aloha....Exucuse me for my French.I was in the Streets Of Kuala Lumpur again yesterday and it was fun.Lots of street performance going on as its the celebration of Chap Goh Meh which marks the 15th and final day of the Chinese New Year.There were people everywhere in the streets especially at the Central Market waiting for  a Lion Dance performance.As always senyor and senyorita,i`ve prepared a video clip on the dance for your viewing pleasure and i hope you`ll enjoy it.Thanks for visiting this link Be back for more soon.Astamanyana,Dunken and Merci.Excuse me for my French again.Take care.