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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Wheeler International Motor Show 2012.The Stunt Video.

Motorcycle Stunts At The Show
Hello dear readers,if there`s any.Just to let you know,probably this is my last post entry due to poor response and too little followers.Guess my blogging days are over ha? Anyways...lets enjoy this post and as usual take a peek at the videos and photos attached.I was at the Two Wheel International Motor Show And Conference recently held at the Putra World Trade center,Kuala Lumpur.As i`m a motocycle freak,i was there two days in a row.

Lots of happenings at the show with major brands and makes filled the exhibition hall whereas,tons of crowds seems to feast their eyes with bikes display and death defying stunts.Watching the stunts up close,i noticed the crowds with their mouth opened in disbelief, trying to figure out how the spine breaking if not,its the graveyard invitation is done.The so called graveyard daredevils attracted me like glue.I shook the daredevils hand afterwards and told him that i would like to learn the spine breaking stunts from him.He said `sure`.Guess what guys...I had a dream that night performing the same graveyard stunts and was applauded by you guys out there.Thanks guys,i love you so much.Ok,lets watch the videos and photos.Take care guys/

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