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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Ramadan Food Bazaar 2012.Wangsa Maju

Foods At The Ramadan Bazaar
Hello...friends and followers to this humble blogbuster blog.Hahahaha...Wishing all Muslim readers a Happy Fasting Month.Its quite a long time since we`ve met with a new posts.As millions of Malaysians are into the fasting month of Ramadan,i just thought that this posts might be of interest to you out there.Its the Ramadan Food Bazaar 2012.

The month of Ramadan wouldnt be the same without its thousands of food varieties to choose from comes the breaking of fast.With thousands of food bazaar across the country,one can almost choose anything they desire to feast upon.It has been a custom among us to visit one of these food bazaar spots just slightly before the breaking of fast.Young and old,they will start to walk along the rows of food stalls displaying that yummy favorites of yours.

Imagine walking along the stalls on an empty stomach.I`m sure you`d want to buy them all.Another thing to ponder,is the warm and friendly Malaysians from all walks of life.Smiling faces and one can also see many non Muslims looking for food as well.
You can also find traditional food and pastries there too.Modern ones are a plenty and not forgetting western ones as well.As usual,take a look at the video clip attached and some photos to browse just for your reading and viewing pleasure.Lastly,i hope to bring you more video clips on the food bazaar when time permits.THANKS for stopping by and take care.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Streets Of Kuala Lumpur 2012.Pt 2.The Golden Triangle.

One Of The Many Shopping Malls In The Streets Of Bukit Bintang
Hello....and welcome to this blogbuster blog.I know you`ve been waiting day in and day out for a new posts to appear,hahahahaha.For starters,let me THANK YOU for visiting and viewing.For decades Kuala Lumpur is a fun filled city on its own when it comes to weekends.

Take for example the streets of Bukit Bintang.This street never fails to woo its visitors locally and foreign.Besides being a shoppers paradise in the country,the sidewalks is fun to stroll about in the weekends.Just click the play button and watch the video clip.Crowds from all walks of life seems to turn the street alive.Shopping,food and entertainment adds up to this historical and iconic spot within the golden triangle of the capital.Sadly though,one of the many shopping malls around will have to make way soon for a state of the art underground MRT station by early next year.

Ok guys.i hope you`ll enjoy the video clip and if you want to read and watch more videos,hop over to my other link  www.kenalinegaraku4u2c.blogspot.com THANKS.