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Saturday, September 29, 2012

You Can Drive But You Will Not Reach.

A Spooky Stretch Of Road On The Highway
Firstly,thanks to all of you lovely guys out there for being here.This time around,its all about an unexplained mystery that surrounds a friend of a friend as he was driving on a stretch of highway heading south of the country.We were having tea at our regular hangout recently and got the story fresh out of his mouth.Off hand,i was the one who brought up the subject of " GHOSTS " when i saw some articles on the newspaper in front of us.This what he told us.....

It was on a Wednesday night when he got to the South bound Sg Besi Toll Plaza at around 11 PM heading for Malacca with an office mate.Things were going well and as usual,travelling at night requires extra caution and focus on the road.Occasionally,flashes of lightning could be seen on the horizon in the darkness of night.It was not until they reached Pedas in the state of Negeri Sembilan when things got spooky and nasty.

All of a sudden there was a strong rumbling and hissing sound just outside the car.It got so strong as it hits the right side windows both back and front.Within seconds,their car seems to be pushed harshly to the left lane heading towards the emergency lane.Immediately releasing the auto cruise,he managed to stop on the emergency lane just in time.It wasnt a good idea to stop on the emergency lane says his office mate especially in the middle of the night.They only realized that the rumbling sound they heard was a strong wind that had blown across the highway.For your info,Pedas area is known for its crosswind activities and has caused several fatal crashes.On several incidents,it even blew a 20 footer trailer.

Night Driving Along A Highway
Little did they knew what was going to happen to them both in several minutes.Trapped in their car by the side of the highway with strong winds pounding and shaking,they were in a dangerous situation to other road users,as others could plough into them from the rear.Wanting to get out of their car desperately,they leapt out on both sides and head for the guard rails near a thick undergrowth slightly behind their car.Now,with strong winds blowing in their faces and clothes,they just couldnt help it but to wait for the strong winds to subside in the open.

It was at this moment when all hell broke loose.THEY SAW THE LEFT BACK DOOR OF THEIR CAR SUDDENLY BURST OPENED.In shocked,they looked at one another and when they looked again towards the car in disbelief,PART OF A LEG AND HAND COULD BE SEEN AS THOUGH SOMEBODY IS ALIGHTING FROM THE BACK SEAT.To their horror,they jumped over the guard rails and hid themselves in the undergrowth with their eyes peeping towards the car.At this moment,i ordered another round of drinks as this horror story is putting me at the edge of my seat.

Want to hear what they saw guys? Tell you what...Let me tell you on the second part of this story ok.Lets SAVE the BEST FOR LAST.Oooohhh ya,i`m deeply sorry not being able to continue with the part 2 of the last post as i`ve accidentally deleted the videos on my video camera.Please forgive me guys.Sooooo clumsy of me.Ok guys,be back soon with the ending and its really SPOOKY.Take care,love you all.Wassalam.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Malaysia Day Star Auto Expo 2012 Part 1.

The Star Auto Expo 2012
Yessss...Its Malaysia Day today and there`s lots of things to do and see around the city.For those who`s reading this blog,a big big THANK YOU.I took some time couple of days ago to mingle in public at this Star Auto Expo held in Bukit Jalil National Stadium.Spread over the stadium`s parking lot,the Expo displays lots of fun and activities for car enthusiasts.Modified cars,sound systems,drifting performances,freebies,dance shows and many more are installed for visitors to the Expo.

Its held from the 14th-17th September being a long weekend this month.Find out for yourselves,be there to enjoy it.In the meantime,do take a peek at the video clip below.Please do not miss the Classic car show along the way.Its really fun to see them as they are really well kept and maintained.I`ll show them on video on part 2 of this post just for you soon.Take care and hoped you enjoy it.