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Friday, December 30, 2011

Roaming South The Plus Highway.

The Plus Highway
Hellooooo...there.Its holiday time now and we`re roaming the Plus Highway heading south of the country with friends and relatives in several cars.Little bit about this highway first,its Malaysia`s oldest,favorite,scenic,equipped with facilities a motorists needed and,spooky if you happens to be at the wrong time and place.Speaking of spooky,do follow my next posts about this tunnel named Menora heading north.The tunnel comes with 5,yes 5,favorite GHOSTS that awaits you as you drive through it.The ghosts even waits for you before reaching the tunnel.So,dear readers and followers,do wait for my next posts ok.Shhhhhh...let me whisper to you....Its about this ghost riding a white scooter headless.Worse still some just saw the white scooter moving along the tunnel without its rider.

Ok,lets get back on track here with this post.As always,i never leave home without my camera and lets watch this video clip.Please leave a comment so as to better myself at blogging.For those who did and even insists on wanting to see how i look like,there`s a pic of me at the`Abort Me` section of this page.Lastly,have a wonderful holiday,happy new year and love you guys.THANK YOU.

Monday, December 26, 2011

City Of Entertainment High Above The Clouds.The Genting Highlands Part 2 Final.

 Entrance To The Splash Pool
Hi there friends and followers to this humble blog.First of all,i would like to wish Merry Christmas to all and a happy Happy New Year 2012.This is just a short post and its the final part of my Genting Highlands trip recently.As usual,do enjoy the video clip attached and hope to be back with more exciting posts soon.I hope to come back with a video clip on the historical mining town i just visited for you to share with.

Thanks for reading guys and catch up with you soon.Take care.

Monday, December 19, 2011

City Of Entertainment High Above The Clouds.The Genting Highlands,Part 1.

People Everywhere At The Indoor Theme Park
Hello...How `re you ? Yes we meet again with full of excitement above the clouds in the iconic Genting Highlands Resort And Theme Park.I was up in the mountains of Genting recently and it was just like being in the cold countries of Europe during winter.Equipped with both outdoor and indoor theme parks coupled with fine resorts for a memorable stay,the highlands is just about 51km away from the capital city Kuala Lumpur.Admiring the landscape beauty as you drive up the winding road and sharp corners,remains to be half the excitement itself.For those wanting to test their skills maneuvering the sharp corners at breakneck speed especially downhill,believe me,here`s the stretch to do it.You can do so on two wheels or four.And,if you plan to do it,please let me know.I`d like to video shoot and place the clips here.

Unfortunately that day the weather was bad and the management had to close the outdoor theme park,thats where all the breakneck roller coasters and death defying rides are located.Instead thousands of breakneck daredevils cramped into the indoor theme park.Have a look at the video clip.For just a simple and lovely rein deer train ride,you have to queue in-line for almost an hour.Its Christmas celebrations now in Genting and lots of happenings going on at the moment.Did i tell you about the queue to get into the break neck all hell4D Motion Master Theater? Guess i did not ha? Well its 2 hours of queuing.And if thats ok with you,try queuing at the Haunted Mansion and if you`re in the mansion do break the neck of the ghosts for me.I hesitated in the first place due to the massive queue but was persuaded to join the queue and be spooked.I almost broke my neck running from them in the mansion.Little bit of caution,please do not try and imitate the breakneck stunts when visiting the Ripleys Believe It Or Not corner unless you want to holiday in a crypt.Ripleys corner is amazing,just try it.

Genting Highlands Cable Ca

Lastly guys,there are tons of rides waiting for you there from just a cool soothing ride to flying like a bird in the sky.Dont forget the breakneck ones at the outdoor park and before i go,i would like to wish all my friends outhere celebrating Christmas as well to all those visiting this link,MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.Take care,love you all.Bye.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekends In The Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.Watch The Video Clip

Scenes From The Streets Of Bukit Bintang
Hello there friends and followers to this humble blog.It has been quite some time not posting anything new.Terribly tied up and moving about a lot.Just thought i`d like to share this with you on the streets of Kuala Lumpur over the weekends.A vibrant place to be and lots of happenings along it as well.Just follow me on the video clip and watch it for yourselves.Its fun with lights,music,food  street performers and shupping malls.

Ok guys...THANKS for watching and please leave your comments.I`ll be sad if you dont.