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Friday, December 30, 2011

Roaming South The Plus Highway.

The Plus Highway
Hellooooo...there.Its holiday time now and we`re roaming the Plus Highway heading south of the country with friends and relatives in several cars.Little bit about this highway first,its Malaysia`s oldest,favorite,scenic,equipped with facilities a motorists needed and,spooky if you happens to be at the wrong time and place.Speaking of spooky,do follow my next posts about this tunnel named Menora heading north.The tunnel comes with 5,yes 5,favorite GHOSTS that awaits you as you drive through it.The ghosts even waits for you before reaching the tunnel.So,dear readers and followers,do wait for my next posts ok.Shhhhhh...let me whisper to you....Its about this ghost riding a white scooter headless.Worse still some just saw the white scooter moving along the tunnel without its rider.

Ok,lets get back on track here with this post.As always,i never leave home without my camera and lets watch this video clip.Please leave a comment so as to better myself at blogging.For those who did and even insists on wanting to see how i look like,there`s a pic of me at the`Abort Me` section of this page.Lastly,have a wonderful holiday,happy new year and love you guys.THANK YOU.

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