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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Take A Ride On The ETS Part 1

The ETS Interior
Hiiii....Hello.We meet again.It has been quite sometime.Well,due to lots of email requesting me to blog again especially from the land down under and certain parts of Africa,i thought i would share this with all my lovely and bubbly friends.I certainly wouldnt want to disappoint an email written in Swahili begging to know more about whats happening in Malaysia.Yes,the email`s in Swahili.Hehehe.No offence ya,a laugh a day,keeps the doctor at bay.

I was so busy with work for the last couple of weeks which took me out of Kuala Lumpur several times.On one of my outings,i just want to share this with you.A ride on the ETS train heading North to Ipoh state was really fun and relaxing.It took under 2 hours to reach the state of Ipoh and i just couldnt help filming on video some scenes from this fast moving electrified souped up contraption.Gone are the days where the horrible rumbling of the engine and global warming smoke billowing the skies.Its so smooth,you could hardly hear anything from the train as it rolled into Kuala Lumpur Central Station as my point of departure.Soon enough i was on the train and guess what ? The train comes with pretty stewardesses in yellow and black attire.Sure enough i knew i was going to have a pretty ride to Ipoh.

With ample leg room,luggage compartment,clean and comfortable seats,the fare of RM45 was worth it.Along the way there`s plenty to see as i sat back and relax to the max with my video camera pointing out the window over a cup of tea served on board.As always,i ve got several video clips to share with you as well and i really hope you`d enjoy them in this part 1 of my journey with an electrified train.Lastly,do wait up for the part 2,coz its going to be awesome as the train reaches its destination  transporting everyone on board back to the first world war era.Drooling already ha ? Do wait up,its coming soon.Take care guys,love you all.Stay healthy always.

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