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Monday, April 16, 2012

Take A Ride On The ETS Part 2.

The 1914 Ipoh Train Station.
Dear readers and followers....Thank you for stopping by this link and it has been a pleasure showing you my journeys and experience spanning the globe.SPANNING THE GLOBE ? Hahaha.....As the tittle suggests above,let us continue with part 2 on board the speedy global warming free electrified contraption.

I`m pretty sure some of you out there loves trains.I can still remember those days when trains were a heap of chunky metal with thick black smoke darkening your clothes as it passed by.It even shook the ground and roofs of houses along its path.

Well,not anymore.Its pretty silent,smooth on the tracks,fast and fitted with state of the art gadgets and devices on board.The train services comes with pretty and tutty fruitty stewardesses too,hahaha..But most of all,i love the wide open windows where one could just lookout and dream along the way with stunning views of the country.

Malaysia is all green as you can view it on the video clip attached.Looking at the greenery's and bluish mountains over the horizon,one can just easily be pampered with light refreshments as well.Anyways....i really enjoyed my ETS train ride and hope that those who have yet to ride on it,would do so soon.

Ok,guys,signing off now,coming back with part 3 soon as i take you on the ETS train ride.For more train rides on videos,do visit this link as well, www.kenalinegaraku4u2c.blogspot.com

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