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Friday, April 20, 2012

Take A Ride On The ETS Part 3.WW1 Ipoh Train Station.

The WW1 Ipoh Train Station
Hello and a BIG welcome to this humble and little followers blog.So happy to meet all you guys out there with this third part of the ETS train ride with the one and only boring me,hahahaha.Not many would take notice or have the interest in old architectures,let alone admire them.For me,its an art,tons of histories along,its architectures and its interior.

I was in this old 1914 pre-war building recently and it was quite a sight.Its the Ipoh Train Station after arriving with the ETS Electric non polluting contraption.For many,the building resembles The Taj Mahal.Majestic as it is,the white coated color on the walls could be seen from a distance away making it the icon of the state of Perak.However,some extensive renovations and preservations is underway at the time i was there filming.Even its surroundings too,is under heavy face lifting.

As usual,take a peek at the video clip and photos i`ve prepared for you guys out there.Hopefully you like them.Got to go now and i`ll be back soon with more.THANKS for visiting,take care.

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