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Monday, October 10, 2011

Kuala Lumpur`s Beautiful Sunset Valley On Video 2011.

The Sunset Valley
Hello and welcome to this humble blog.It has been quite sometime since my last update.Have been terribly stuck with work and lots of moving about within the city.Not forgetting personal invitations pertaining to travel.However,i have something to share with all of you readers out there what more several friends over a social media network specifically requested for a video clip showing the beautiful sunset over the Sunset Valley in Kuala Lumpur.I have posted quite a number of photos prior to their requests and soon enough,got their requests to shoot a video on the valley.

Just a little bit on the valley,its called,The Klang Valley which sits across the Titiwangsa Range.It is my favorite spot to watch beautiful sunsets almost daily.Being a nature enthusiasts since childhood,i will no doubt make it a must see,each time i got back from my daily chores.Besides that,its just several meters away from where i live.Of course i have to climb up several floors to get the best view.In the video clip,you can see that the valley is surrounded by slopes and hills in the distance coupled with wide open plains of developments mostly housing estates.Ok,tell you what...lets just watch the clip.Dont forget the photos as well,just click the play button.

Lastly,i hope you have enjoyed the video and photos.Do leave a comment and THANK YOU. so much for visiting this link.If ever you `re in Kuala Lumpur and need a friend to guide you around,please contact me a day or two earlier.

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