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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heritage Walk With New Volunteer Guides.PART 1

Historical Buildings Around The Streets Of Kuala Lumpur
The Central Market
Hi there...welcome to my humble blog.This is what i found while walking through the streets of Kuala Lumpur.I was about to enter the Telecommunication Museum when i was approached by a lady to follow a free Heritage Walk Tour in the streets.On hearing that,i quickly agreed and proceed to the Central Market where it all begins.There i met two volunteer guides waiting and ready for the tour walk.Please view the short video clip and photos taken while on the tour.

The guides were very friendly and eager to start the tour walk and started telling me about the Central market`s history right after introducing themselves.Soon after,i was right in front of a welknown dried seafood shop which has been operating in the city for the past 62 years.Meaning,the shop started its business before Malaysia got its independence.Located just afew meters away from the Central Market,tourists mostly from Asia frequent the shop for herbal and dried seafood products known to heal hundreds of ailments.
The Dayabumi Complex
Old Historical Buildings Of Kuala Lumpur.
Note,This Spot Is Where The Locals
Gather After A hard Days Work
To Socialize In The Late 1800
And Early 1900
More Historical Buildings Along The Heritage Walk
The Sin Sze Si Ya Temple
The Historical Jamek Mosque,Early 1900
Signs Indicating The Sin Sze Si Ya Temple founded in 1864.
Lets take a look at this video clip on the 62 years old heritage medicinal shop with hundreds of dried seafood items.

It was a fun experience and we proceed to more attractive spots around the city,enjoying the casual walk.Just a REMINDER to all readers on this blog..On the 2nd part of this Heritage Walk,i`ll be showing you a visit to a temple which was founded in the 18th century.It is well preserved and still functioning till today.

The Kuala Lumpur Tower
The Historical Jamek Mosque
The Streets Of Kuala Lumpur
Til we meet again...TAKE CARE and THANK YOU for reading.


  1. What a fun and interesting tour. I've been blogging lately about our summer in the Philippines, but I've never been to Malaysia. You make me want to visit. The Jamek Mosque is gorgeous.

  2. What a serendipitous tour you had there! I like unplanned experiences like that. Thanks for posting this. KL looks like a fascinating mix of Asia and the West. I should drop in some time. :)

  3. First of all, thank you so much dear friend and blogger partner, your blog is fantastic, as well as Kuala Lampur, hope to have the opportunity to visit there. Have a wonderful weekend all. Carlos tour guide.


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