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Monday, October 4, 2010

Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.The Train Ride 3 and 4.

Hi there friends and visitors to this humble blog.Lets continue the train ride through the Streets Of Kuala Lumpur clip 3 and 4.In both clips,you`ll see the train ride passes through the main shopping streets right in the heart of the city.The streets remains to be the most popular shopping haven for the past thirty years.Its also a must visit among foreign visitors and locals alike.Most of the shopping complexes are within walking distance and situated along the train route.You`ll find tons of goods to bargain with day and night along the streets sidewalk and more than five huge shopping complexes.Have a look at the clips on my recent train ride along the streets.

Sunset,Kuala Lumpur

Be back with more video clips on Streets Of  Kuala Lumpur soon.Thank You and Take Care.


  1. Nice blog, I really enjoy your pictures.
    I've never been to Malaysia but who knows ? visiting your blog might inspire me to go there in the future.

  2. Following from Get your Blog Followers. Nice pics. Malaysia must be very beautiful.

  3. Nice pictures . I know Malaysia is a beautiful country . Btw , i have a small suggestion . Please do something to reduce your blog loading time .I suggest you either take away some of your widgets or reduce the number of posts per page :)

  4. Lovely blog!!


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