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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.Nightfall Part 1..

Skyscrapers In And Around Kuala Lumpur`s Nightfall
Hello there..we meet again.First and foremost,i would like to say THANKS to all the readers and followers to this HUMBLE blog.In this posts,have a peak at the city`s skyline when night falls.Its truly beautiful and breathtaking when most of the commercial skyscrapers displays their might and beauty.I was in and around the Petronas Twin Towers yesterday for a video shoot and this is what i captured on video.Have a look at it as you go along on this posts.
A Financial Institution Building
It was a weekend when i took the shots and certainly the lights display was a crowd puller particularly to those coming from the outskirts of the city.It was drizzling alittle bit but that did not dampened the crowds at all as they were there much earlier.
The Petronas Twin Towers
Please note that this video clip is in Malaysian language.Its actually for my other blog readers and followers who loves to read them in our language.

Lets have a look at more night shots in and around the city.Please write a comment before leaving this page so that i can improve more on blogging.Like i did mentioned earlier,i`m not a professional blogger,nor do i am a writer.
The Kuala Lumpur Tower
Commercial Buildings
The Petronas Twin Towers
Hope you`ve enjoyed this simple posts and there`s going to be more of nightfall shots and videos coming up soon.Once again THANKS for visiting this page.


  1. Hi Norazam!

    I am so impressed with the photos! They are just exceptionally beautiful especially the first one. I love the video too. I had been there in KL before and the Petronas Twin Tower was just the most beautiful architectural creation I had ever witnessed so far... Keep up your best work!

    Thanks for stopping by my site...:)

  2. wow.. hahaha xsangka lak malaysia punya sceen mcm nih.. huhuhu :) cantikkk

  3. Amazing pictures,...keep it like this, we share the same interests...


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