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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Streets Of Kuala Lumpur.Nightfall Part 2.

Buildings Surrounding The Park
Buildings Surrounding The Park
Hi...we meet again in this humble blog and how`s it been to all my friends and followers? In this part 2 of The Streets Of Kuala lumpur,lets have a look at the city when night falls.This is just a short post with a video clip on a public park just next to the tower.The video clip was shot at night showing a water display watched by KL residents on a public day off.The park seems to be crowded on every public holidays not only to the locals but to the immigrants as well.

Residents Of Kuala Lumpur At The Par

The park is surrounded with highrise buidings and certainly an eye catcher at night with lightings being lit up.Here,one can see foreign tourists from around the world strolling about and snapping photos while enjoying the fresh air.
What also caught my attention is the commercial buildings around the tower.Its definitely,the city of lights,when night falls.
Ok, guys..thats about it this time.Be back with more of,The Streets Of Kuala Lumpur soon.THANKS for viewing LOVE you all,TAKE CARE.

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  1. i have a picture of some of these as well...
    I will post them later on my blog.. anyway nice blog.. hehehe just that the letters are too small...
    I recommend it to my friend but she said the letters are too small she cant read..


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