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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kuala Lumpur Historical Railway Station.Malaysia`s Begining..

The Historical KTM Building
HELLO and WELCOME to this humble blog.Thanks to all followers and readers for your comments and the encouragement for me to move on and posting more.This post is all about  one of Malaysia`s tourism icon,The Old and Historical Railway Station.This magnificent structure stood the test of time of the first and second world war.This beautiful structure also went through the Japanese occupation in Malaya in the 40s.
Old Photo Of The Railway Station
It was finally built in 1892 and saw the birth of Malaysia before the independence.Millions have travelled through the station connecting those in the outer states of Kuala Lumpur.The station became a strategic and welknown meeting point for those who arrived to the city looking for greener pastures.Even the olden day movies were filmed at the station and for some,it is still shown on air today as a tribute.For some,the station has given an impact on their lives and memories.Ok,lets findout alittle bit more on the station.

Officially known as,Kuala Lompur Station,this Moorish Northern Indian architecture was designed by architect A.B Hubback; in 1886.Mr Hubback had previously served the British administration in India before being transferred to Kuala Lumpur.Its unique features with several large domes,makes it one of the most photographed railway station in the world.It was extended in 1907 for more additional office space.In 1986,more extension were done but of course without effecting the original design.Now,its a tourist attraction and also one of Malaysia`s tourism icons.In the opposite building is the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad`s(KTMB) office that runs the station and all of its train services in the country.Please view the video attached as i hurriedly took a shot as photographs and video shots are not allowed in the station.Note that,the video is in Malaysian language.It simply shows alittle bit on the inside of the station.
The Old Railway Station
Old Railway Station Kuala Lumpur
The Kuala Lumpur Historical Railway Station

The Railway Station Main Entrance
The Main Entrance
Along The Main Entrance To The Station
The Walkway Along The Station.
Lastly,i urge everybody to view this beautiful architecture when in Malaysia.For Malaysians outside the capital,do contact me if you would like to have a visit free of charge and be featured in this blog.Again THANKS for reading and be back for more.Please leave your comments as well..Take care.


  1. This post has certainly made me feel like going back to KL again! How i miss out on this one! The building is just phenomenal! I would have taken a nice photo of it if I had ever known of this one...Thanks my friend for posting this..:)

  2. Amazing photos! The architecture would be worth the trip, but I'll just have to be content with my vicarious visit:)

  3. Did you know that i lost my luggages once here? Well.its my mistake.Anyway,you should have written much more on this old station.This was where i met my wife now.Plenty of memories at this old train station.Good idea on posting about it.Could have done better.

  4. I had been to KL several times for ASEAN meetings and was only able to see the Petronas Tower and its surroundings coz it is nearby my favorite hotel Renaissance the place where I always stay during my visit in this beautiful City. I can say KL is beautiful because its cleanliness and well equipped infrastructure and the airport is superb! The Malay people are also very friendly and what nice is we can speak in our own language and fully understand each other. I'll visit KL again and that is for sure!


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