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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Old Buildings Of Kuala Lumpur.Part 2.Chinatown.

The Historical Sultan Abdul Samad Building 
Part Of The Sultan Abdul Samad Building
Hi there..In this Part 2 of Old Buildings Of Kuala Lumpur,i roamed further in the streets to shoot more photos along Malaysia`s popular Chinatown.When i finally got there,i would have shot more than fifty old architectural buildings that surrounds this all time shopping haven among Malaysians and tourists,right in the heart of the city.Please view at some of the photos posted in this blog.One is highly recommended to walk along this street when visiting Kuala Lumpur as more and more pre-war architectures can be spotted.Some of them are just so wonderful to look at as they are still in good condition with its premises turned into restaurants,shops and even banks.What i like most,is the petty traders along the five foot way lined up the old structures as i walked.You can hear voices from the petty traders telling their products out loud to whoever passes the five foot way.

More Old Architectures
The Historical Jamek Mosque
The Central Market Building Since 1888
More Old Architecture
Old Architecture Courthouse Building
One should not worry as there are plenty of food stalls along the streets and they are quite cheap too.What i noticed is,there are lots of noodle food stalls and you can see in action how your order is being prepared.It seems,they are really a professional when preparing the noodles.One can even,catch several meat balls thrown high up in the air with just a small glass bowl using one hand.Not to worry,if you really want to see him in action,i`ll be back to his stall to video shoot.

Old Architectures Along The Petaling Street
Well,it was really worth the walk and love the old architectures.Not many people would appreciate old heritage especially buildings.For those who do,i`ll posts more photos and videos from time to time.In the meantime,i hope you`ve enjoyed this posts and do view more photos below.Please leave a comment so as to correct my mistakes and to enhance this page.THANKS to all of you visiting this page and we`ll meet soon again.Take Care.


  1. cantik la foto2 u.....I suka header u, cantik pemandangan di waktu mlm......

  2. Hello..Nice pics on old buildings.Should have written more please.Anyway,good job.Thanks for posting.

  3. Dn't let them knock those buildings down. Preserve your historical character.

  4. This is another interesting post. Wish to know more about Malaysian food. Hope you can blog about it..:) I'm craving for a Malaysian cuisine... Cheers!


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