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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show Part 2,Motorbikes..

Vehicles On Display
Vehicles On Display
Vehicles On Display
Hi everybody.Do you love big motorbikes? Well..for those who loves and have the interests towards them,have a look at this humble blog.Glance through the photos and video clips.I`m a big bike addict myself and hope that some of the readers on this blog,are as well.Let me tell you this,its a feeling of pure FREEDOM and THRILLS when you`re on a bike,especially on a SUPERBIKE.You`ll feel the EXCITEMENT of the wind blowing towards you and the OPEN VIEWS surrounding you.My friends...the super sound of a superbike alone on a highway,will PUMP up your adrenalin to the MAX
At the exhibition,several makes and models were displayed and i love them all.Big ones,small ones and even scooters was a hit at the hall.There,i saw several bikers and we casually chat for a while.Riding in groups exploring the country has always been the main activities of superbikers through their clubs.Yes,its best to belong to a club once you`re a superbiker.Ok,lets have a view at the video clip and more photos as well.

Vehicles On Displa
Vehicles On Display

In support of the tourism industry,some superbike clubs do organize touring trips and not forgetting charity tours as well.Its a wonderful feeling to see Malaysia on a bike trip.Do take a look at this video clip on Malaysian riders on their superbikes and classic bikes.

Ok,friends..thats about it..oh ya,if you are ever BORED of cars and motorbikes,why not purchase this and drive one.I`m sure you`ll be the FIRST among your friends to have one..THANK YOU for reading,ride/drive safely and take care.


  1. Hi Norazam!

    Superbikes are awesome possession one could have especially for those motorbikes lovers! I love all the collections displayed on the exhibition! The black one is blurred when it is supposedly my favorite color, sad to say! But I believe they are all amazing motorbikes... It's a good thing you have them shared to us.

    Keep on doing what you love doing and be reminded to be safe on the road always...

  2. I remember I used to admire guys who ride motorbikes.. I even fantasized a boyfriend having a harley davidson.. well, that was long ago -- during my youth..

    anyway, this one's a great post!



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