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Monday, February 28, 2011

272 Steps And A Japanese Girl..

Hello friends and followers to this humble blog.It has been quite sometime since i`ve posted something new and as the title above suggests,lets get down to business.Recently,i managed to visit one of the 105 tourism spots in Kuala Lumpur and this fantastic spot is none other than the Stone Caves or Batu Caves as we called it locally.All i asks is for you to keep on reading right till the end and find out what happened along my journey and quest to this historical cave site.Do take a look at several video clips and photos as well.

It all started on a Saturday morning.My excitement and adrenalin rush seems to urge me for a speedy arrival at the caves as i entered the highway.As i got closer,i could see the green surroundings of the limestone hills along the caves which is located on the North part of the capital city.Finally i got there and not to my surprise at all,there were rows and rows of tourist coaches packed with eager tourists wanting to explore the caves.Within minutes,i was greeted by a couple of friends who apparently got there earlier.We strolled the compound of the caves and manage to gather some facts about this magnificent spot that makes up among the 105 tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur.

Rising almost 100m above the ground, Batu Caves actually consists of three main caves and a few smaller ones. The biggest, referred to as the Temple Cave, has a 100m-high ceiling, and features ornate Hindu shrines. To reach it, visitors have to climb a steep flight of 272 steps.
Below the Temple Cave is the Dark Cave, with its amazing rock formations and  a number of animals found nowhere else. Stalactites jutting from the cave's ceiling and stalagmites rising from the floor form intricate formations such as cave curtains, flow stones, cave pearls and scallops which took thousands of years to form. The Malaysian Nature Society organises regular educational and adventure trips to theDark Caves.
The other main cave is the Art Gallery Cave located at the foot of the steps. Statues and wall paintings depicting Hindu deities and mythology are displayed here. The walk to the entrance is itself quite a pleasant experience through a lake and ponds filled with hundreds of colourful fish.

Yes,i know guys..what happened to the Japanese girl ? Well,soon after being at the foot,i was ready to climb 272 steps up to the Temple Cave and i found 4 Japanese tourists and we introduced ourselves.All 4 girls seems excited and they look very very fit for the climb.One of them was extremely friendly and started asking me lots of questions on the caves.We were communicating in 3 different languages.Japanese,English and of course,Sign language.In just a couple of minutes,we were ready to climb and one of them said,"see you at the top".They climbed slowly in the beginning and that gave me the opportunity to just passed them with ease.Quarter way up.i was panting and struggling for air,haha.All the Japanese girls caught up with me and giggled away as they overtook me,with a strong pace.I composed myself hurriedly and was behind one of them in a short while.A few steps ahead and guess what happened ?

The girl who said,see you at the top suddenly got herself on the wrong footing and leaned backwards towards me.I got no choice but to cushioned her backwards slip with my shoulder,left arm and chest.I just couldnt pushed her back up to balance her body as my right hand is holding a video camera.My left hand was free but,i just did not have the power to push her up as her weight was too much.She would have taken me down as well if i had done so with just one hand.3 of her friends were laughing as they pulled her up and out of my bear hug on her.Hehe..that was nice although her sweat did trickle on my shirt and face.Too bad my video camera was off guys.But you can spot her in one of the video clips.

Finally its time to walk down the steps and we practically spend about 2 hours in the cave.As for the Japanese girls,we bid farewell and promised to be intouch and hopefully to meet again.All and all,it was a fun and exciting experience for all of us.Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed it.Take care and see you soon in the next posts..


  1. Woww..Azam,you really made up to the top of the cave.Nice photos friend.

  2. I have been to KL 3 times already but never had the time to take a train and visit here. Maybe you could be our guide when we come back :)

  3. Okay, Norazam, you know exactly I had been to this place, right? HAHAHA.. But looking at your photos now, I think I miss quiet a few corners of it..lol! Your photos look more stunning than mine, well I have to do a comparison sorry for that.:) But really, I actually like how you captured the cave from the inside and how did you brighten it up in the first place coz mine looked quite dim... Certainly impressive pictures! Well done!

  4. Norazam, loved the added story about the Japanese girl. Your pictures are truly beautiful, again I leave your blog with the desire to visit.

    Thanks for sharing


  5. Wow! When I first started reading I couldn't understand the fuss - why would anyone want to climb so many stairs to see a cave? Your photos have shown me why and now I can't wait to get an opportunity to see the place myself.

  6. gambar best..

    terasa mcm dah jejak sana je..

  7. tq for supporting my blog!!
    your blog seem like truely malaysian dude..
    come join my blog:

  8. The caves are truly amazing, a real wonder of the world I was excited to 'visit' without even leaving my home in Siberia, Russia. Thank you, Norazam, for this opportunity to follow you 272 steps up to enjoy this astounding landmark. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and your story that put a smile on my face :)



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