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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Its Yummy..Its Sweet..Its CENDUL,Malaysia`s Wonder Drink.Watch The Video Clip.

Cendul Drink
Hello...we meet again readers and followers to this humble link.Thanks for stopping by.A simple post this time is all about this fantastic thirst quencher called CENDUL.This drink is also considered as a way of life among the millions of Malaysian young and old for generations.It can be found almost everywhere in the country with varieties of additional toppings.As always there`s a video clip for you to watch and see for yourself this wonderful drink.The drink is made up of shaved ice,sweetener,coconut milk and pandan leaves and of course the green coloured stuff made of rice flour,all put together in a bowl ready to be served.In addition,toppings of red beans,corn and glutinous rice can be ordered as well to go along with the Cendul with an extra cost.In view of the fasting month at the moment,demand for this drink is highly sought for during breaking of fast.

Lastly,do have a go at this drink if you have not tried it yet.I hope you`ve enjoyed the video clip and i`ll be back for more posts soon.Thanks and take care.

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  1. looks like cendul is the hit of drinks to break fast with... i desperately tried to imagine the taste of cendul, I couldn't because I've never eaten pandun leaves :) This drink must be not only a good thirst quencher but it can fend off hunger because it contains beans and rice flour.

    Terima kasih for the video, Norazam.


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