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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Ramadan Food Bazaar 2012.The Street Of Masjid India.

Dishes Being Displayed For Fast Breaking.
As far as i can remember,the month of Ramadan is full of joy and loads of activities.Besides fasting,the food bazaar seems to be a way of life for us Malaysians when it comes to choosing tons of it for the fast breaking.Its really exciting to visit one of these bazaar as you may never know your favorite might turn up right in front of your very appetite.Traditional ones and modern cooking are all being colorfully displayed as you walk the rows of food stalls.

I was at the iconic Masjid India Street recently for a video shoot on Streets Of Kuala Lumpur and thought i would shoot a clip together on the Ramadan Bazaar.Since the Aidil Fitri celebration is not that far ahead,ten of thousands of Malaysians are on the shopping frenzy at the moment.Shopping malls and side street shopping is packed with shoppers to the max.

What amazes me walking the narrow Ramadan bazaar is,the mixture of races that formed this country.Warm smiles and friendly gestures could be seen everywhere.However,foreigners and immigrants are a plenty as well.Oh ya,the food at the bazaar is much cheaper compared to other months of the year.However,we are to spend wisely coz looking at food on an empty stomach may tempt you to spend more.

Ok guys,got to go now.Hope you`ve enjoyed the video clip and i`ll be back for more.Thanks for visiting this humble link.Do try it out at the Ramadan bazaar and capture the spirit of Ramadan.Take care Wassalam,bye.

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