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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Gunung Lang Recreational Park.Full Video.2012

The Lake Leading To The Park
Hi there friends,followers and readers.Yes,it has been a while since an update was posted to this blog.Miss me ha? Hahahaha..What i have for you now is the full video i shot at this beautiful recreational park in Ipoh,Perak.Its called Gunung Lang Recreational Park.Its a limestone park with plenty os greenery's surrounding a lake.Just five kilometers from the city of Ipoh,The park is a favorite haunt for locals and visitors to Ipoh especially in the weekends.

Like always,i`ve attached the videos for you to view and do give some comments on it.However,the video is in Bahasa.I hope you`ll enjoy watching it.Not forgetting,lots of photos too.Lastly,thanks for visiting this blog and will be seeing you again soonest possible.

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