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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Types Of GHOSTS For You At The Menora Tunnel.Part 2 The Suspense.

The Plus Highway Leading To The Menora Tunnel
Hi there friends and followers to this humble and ghostly blog.Hope you`re well and have met at least one of the ghosts mentioned here.Lets continue on the remainder of the 5 groovy GHOSTS that awaits you if you`re at the wrong place and time.Hope you`ve read the part 1 which i featured about a week ago.The third ghost i`m about to tell you is really scary and what i`m about to tell you,is the truth and nothing but the truth.Believe me,i`ve seen it couple of years back while alighting from the car at about 2am at a friends hometown down south of the country.Its called POCHONG and if you translate it,it simply means,the HIP HOP ghost.I`m serious..Why is it called the HIP HOP ghost ? Coz,it hops and hops.Ok,lets see the description of this rapper ghost.

3.Pochong or known as the HIP HOP ghost.This ghost comes with a navy white robe or bandage all over its body with a rapper hood.Please observe the photo attached below.A few was reported seen at the tunnel hopping in the dark night.make sure your vehicle dont stall or else face the consequences of spotting them either behind you or just in front of you.Dont be fooled by their appearance thinking that they are mechanics to solve your stalled vehicle.If you dont already wet in your pants,do observe them carefully.They do not walk,they hop and hop and trying not to show their faces direct at you.Not to worry my friends,this what you should do.Grab anything that is pointed and draw a hopscotch lines on the ground.The Pochong is sure to hopscotch in between the lines all night long.Why,coz,they love to play hopscotch.There`s your escape sign.Again not to worry,you can always outrun them as they can only hop.Or,blast your stereo system in the car preferably with the latest hip hop music.

The Pochong
4.Mother of all ghosts the PONTIANAK.I surrender when it comes to this one.Coz,they can hear what you saying about them and than attack you when you least expected.You dont have to be at the Menora tunnel to see this one.It could be found in your house,office,abandoned houses,on a tree,in short,everywhere.Worse still,its behind you now waiting to sharpen their claws at you.I`m afraid there`s no escape for this mother of all ghosts if they spot you.They are masters of disguise in the night for,many many man got attracted to their beauty not knowing that this blood sucking mother ghost will suck out the blood on humans.This female mother of all ghosts is also perfect at strangling your breath out of your esophagus.Shhhhhhh...i just cannot talk more on this ghost ok.According to a friend,this ghost likes to suddenly appear in your car if you did not stop to give them a lift earlier on along the road.Right,lets take a look at this last ghost.Normally,this is what people say when they are about to witness this ghost....what is it,is it a plane,helicopter,ufo ?

 Pontianak At The Back Seat Of Your Car
5.The PENANGGAL ghost comes with bright white or reddish lights flying through the air.It is said that its a human in the day and a flying human intestine with human head at night wandering for food.Come on..it doesnt matter whether its small or large intestine that`s attached to the head and flying about.What i`m trying to say here is,its a half human from the head down flying with an expose intestines.Just like a jellyfish.It gobbles almost everything in its path including humans.Once fed and full,it will return to its other half body and be a normal human again in the day.Its difficult to identify this state-of-the-art flying contraption.This hungry ghost was reported to be on the rooftop of a moving vehicle with its intestines dangling down the windscreen.Hitching a ride ? Yes,i knew you would say that.Not quite sure how to escape from it though..Ok guys,guess thats about it on the 5 main ghosts in the country.Just for your info,the oily man has been terrorising the capital city at the moment.Its also another ghost feared by all the women in Malaysia.Will tell you more on this oily man ghost soon.Thanks for reading and please leave a comment.Bye.

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  1. Hey, I usually don't have hip-hop music in the car, but in order to attract these cute Pochong rappers, I think I should get some in case I travel through the tunnel. I'm dying to see hopscotching ghosts hehehe!


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