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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Second Day Of Chinese New Year,Chinatown Petaling Street.Part 1.

The Entrance To Chinatown In Petaling Street
Hello there we meet again with another blockbuster post,videos and photos.Since its a long break for the Chinese New Year,i took the opportunity to scout around the city especially mingling with the crowds in Chinatown.Guess what i took to get there? I took the driverless Magnetic Fast Rail( Thanks for the beautiful description on this modern fast trains from Russia)which i`ll highlight on my next posts.Ok,lets get back to the Chinatown business.

In this part 1 Chinatown mania blockbuster,i`ve attached a video clip of the streets leading to Chinatown.Get the feeling of being just around the area before entering the main entrance to Chinatown.Only on the next posts,part 2,i`ll be able to show you on video whats like to be inside of Chinatown itself.Why part 2? I knew you would ask that.Coz youtube is poking me in the you know where as its taking too long to upload the second video clip.Plus,it wouldnt be a blockbuster if i tell you all at one go.But,since you love me so much,i`ll show you all the photos first ok?

To my surprise,Chinatown was packed with shoppers and the roads leading to it was choked as well.I thought it was empty as most traders there are Chinese and probably would have gone back to their respective hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year.Boy...was i wrong.Its business as usual with tons of foreigners and locals swarming the long stretch of traders with their state of the art products.You name it,they have it here in Chinatown.Well of course they dont sell canons and grenade launchers.This shopping street is a crowd puller since the 70s and now its listed as one of 105 attractions in the capital city.Another thing to consider,is the old architectures along the streets leading to this shopping heaven.

Ok,guys i hope you`ve enjoyed this video and do wait for the next one which will show you the hustle and bustle of this must visit Chinatown.THANK YOU for stopping by and please please leave a comment.Gong Xi Fa Cai to all Chinese friends in the country.Take care and bye.


  1. Hello.It seems that your Chinatown is nothing compared to ours.Just cannot wait for your next video and compare.Anyway,i like the way you express yourself on writing.Cheers mate.

    1. Thanks for the comment Down Underneath.Looking forward for more comments from you.

  2. Good entry and thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Hi there Miss Tina.Thanks for the comment.Let us all share posts and comments.


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