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Friday, October 5, 2012

See Kuala Lumpur History At The KL City Gallery 2012Video 1

The Entrance To The Gallery
Hi there...Its really nice to meet all of you readers and followers out there.Thank you for visiting.Couple of days ago ,i got the chance to be at the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.An additional attraction for the tourists right in the capital city,and strategically located.As always,i`ve attached one of two video clips first,as its too long waiting to upload both videos.

KL City Gallery is part of the ARCH group`s vision in promoting the country`s heritage and culture.While ARCH promotes collectibles and gifts made of wood veneer,our KL`s walks and tours map is the indispensable map of KL`s architecture and living heritage,and now we have the center Kuala lumpur City Gallery.

A new tourists magnet,it is situated right in the historical enclave of Dataran Merdeka ( Merdeka Square ) and houses many attractions in the form of prints,photos and miniatures.Located in a 114 year old building,this landmark is a must visit for anyone who wants to know all about Kuala Lumpur.So,if you have time,i strongly suggest a trip to the gallery.Meanwhile,do enjoy the video clip.Thanks and take care.

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