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Thursday, October 4, 2012

You Can Drive But You Will Not Reach.Final Part.

Pochong Ghosts
Lets get on the conclusion part of this bizarre story.As both of them were in shock and disbelieve of what they saw while hiding in the thick undergrowth,the so called ghostly figures seems to be heading towards them.Again in horror,two white colored figures seems to levitate and glide over the guard rails.They can even see the wind blowing on the ghosts sort of robe and flapping in the strong winds.No humans can do that says one of them and they feared the worse to come.

As the white colored ghosts seems to glide towards the undergrowth,both friends took the opportunity to crawl on all fours back to the guard rails and ran towards their car.It was for sure that the ghosts came from inside their car as the back left door was still opened.One of them pushed the car door harshly and quickly got in the front passenger seat while the other got in the drivers seat.Within seconds the engine started and they sped onto the highway never to turn their heads back.

Still shivering,they slowed down their driving and head for the nearest R&R along the highway to calm down and have a couple of drinks and at the same time trying to figure out what they both saw.After about half an hour they decided to head back to Kuala Lumpur as one of them seems to feel uneasy continuing the journey to Malacca.Along the way back,there was this sweet flowery smell in the car from time to time.The car owner have since sold the car after several months and never talked of their encounter to anyone until i got the story couple of days ago.

So readers out there,if you`re driving along the highway late at night,BEWARE for you may not reach your destination....Lastly,thanks for reading and take care.

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