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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Latest Attractin,The iCity Water Park Shah Alam.Video Part 1.

The Wave Pool
Hello,hello...Hope you guys are in good shape and in the best of health always.This time around,i `d like to take you to a newly opened water park in Shah Alam called The iCity Water Park.Its awesome and the park is beautifully done and landscaped.I`m sure you`re thinking what are the attractions in the park.Well,plenty.They have a giant wave pool with lots of floats where you can just grab one and just lay and let the wave gently moves you around,several water slides at different height levels for you to test your courage,several children pools with minor slides,float alley around the park is where you get to go on a float along an alley and the main attraction is,THE 7 STOREY TORNADO WATER SLIDE meant for those stuntmen and women who has been eating metal all this while.The Tornado slide video will be coming on the next post as part 2 of this posts.

Yes,i heard that.Ok,the entrance fee is at RM50 per adult at the moment promotional rate.Children is at RM38.However,please note that,outside food is not allowed in the park.With a minimum of another RM50 payable at the entrance ticket counter,you can purchase varieties of food at the food counter in the park.Not to worry,a refund is given back to you if you do not finish the RM50 worth of food.You are required to rent a locker to keep your belongings as well.My word of advice is,DO NOT LOOSE your electronic food strap.The strap is also your entrance gadget and refund balance from your food total.The gadget is like a wrist watch where a deduction is made when you purchase your food electronically.Also,do not loose your locker strap.

Ok guys...as always,do watch the part 1 video clip here.Hope you enjoy it and i`ll be back with part 2 and the rest of the videos soon.Stay healthy,go for recreation and be safe.Thanks for visiting this link to all.


  1. Thanks for your grateful informations, am working in Tourism Portal, so it will be helpful info for my works.

    1. You`re welcome.But most of all,i THANK you for reading.Do visit by again as part 2 of the water park including videos and photos coming up soon.

  2. Thanks for your blog. I'm a french student and I will do an internship in KL for 6 months. It's interesting to see all facilities and to discover Malaysia with you! Hope that tou continue your work!

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