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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Tornado Water Slide.Latest Attraction At The iCity Water Park Shah Alam.Part 2.

The Tornado Water Slide At iCity Shah Alam
Hi there i`m back with Part 2 at The iCity Water Park in Shah Alam.Do you fancy yourself sliding down a water slide seven storeys down to earth with lots of water gushing on you? Take a look at the video clip below and see it for yourself.The ride takes 28 seconds from the top through several twists and turns in a water funnel and tunnel before ending in a big splash pool.Here`s where you can test your vocal chords screaming at the top of your esophagus,hahahaha.I strongly recommend that you try out all the slides.Its really fun.I`ve also included lots of photos for you readers so as to get the whole idea of the park.

A little info on iCity park that is,its a combination of several theme parks spread across acres of land.They are,Snow Walk,City of Lights,Water Park,Fun World and I Walk,each with a different entrance and fees.Ok guys got to be on the move now.Part 3`s coming up soon and its more on food at the park.Lastly,THANKS for reading,stay healthy and see you soon.

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