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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The iCity Water Park Shah Alam.Part 3.Food Area.

One Of The Slides At The Water Park
Hi there friends and followers to this humble blog.Merry Christmas to those celebrating Christmas and hope you`re having a nice time with families and friends.In this final part of the iCity Water Park,we take a look at the food area where you have lots of choices to choose when the growling comes.Hunger strikes fast when you`re enjoying yourselves at the park,believe me.What more with the heat,you tend to  be thirsty very often.Remember to have your electronic food coupon strap on your wrist.Choose your favorite foods and show them your electronic coupon.Quickly grab your seats and table coz you might not get one if the park is full.

As usual,do enjoy the video clip and i hope to get some comments from you out there.Lastly,take care and i`ll be back for more posts soon.

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